8 Week Program 


Austin Holistic Health Coaching OVERVIEW.

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Holistic Expectations 

The most modern and up-to-date information, customized for your results. A mix of nutrition and fitness targeting healthy habits that lead to weight loss, reduced inflammation, and a healthy mindset. 

Hit the reset button to your health and learn what your human body needs to live your best life. NO calorie counting needed on this program, building consistent and sustainable nutritional lifestyle habits is our first step to your goals.

  • Reduce inflammation in the body 
  • Reduce inflammation in the joints 
  • Easy menu and recipes each week 
  • Travel and Busy lifestyle planning 
  • Eliminate Sugar Cravings 
  • Understanding Fats, Sugars, Salts 
  • Reduce high fasting blood sugar 
  • Weight Loss 10+ lbs guaranteed
  • Maintain and increase lean muscle 
  • Liver support and healing 
  • Reduce your A1C
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1 on 1

Personal  Coaching Platform

8-week Framework 

-Several check in each week and a coach will see at you at beginning of each week for accountability, coaching, tips and tricks, and guaranteed results.

-Online community for Q/A

-12 Week remeasure and check in makes the program flexible with travel

This version is for those who need a fully immersive 8-week framework and accountability, online community, and One-on-One coaching set for each week with several check in's through out the week.

-Meetings last up to an hour weekly

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What People Are Saying

Better Relationship to Food!

"I have just finished my 8-week program with Jeremy and am so happy with the holistic process I've learned. This program is more than just a diet...it is really a new way to live."

- Beth D.

Weight Loss

I recently completed the 8 weeks health coaching program with Jeremy. I lost the weight I wanted to lose, but more importantly, I changed my entire relationship with food. "

- Jannel B