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Results In 8 Weeks with 100% success guaranteed. Measured by predetermined goals and finishing the 8 weeks! 

Austin Holistic Fitness and Nutrition 

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Holistic Weight Loss

NO calorie counting needed on this program. Get your body back to baseline and the way it's designed to be.


Bringing down the inflammation with food allow for more space to have inflammation when you exercise making you a better athlete with less chance of injuries. 

A Proven Blueprint

I guarantee there is time for you on this program as people are completing their programs each week. 1-1 coaching calls each week with check in's through the week.

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Weight loss and Better Relationships to Food

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Meet Our Founder Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy has over 16 years of nutrition consulting and health coaching experience. Everything you are going through today leads to what your body looks and feels like tomorrow. Let us guide you through change with a holistic approach to health.

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What People Are Saying...

David Phillips

"I have worked on these issues for years and in a wide variety of ways. Not only do I feel better and more effective, I demonstrably look more coherent in my posture.”

Debbie Gray

“I’ve lost over 35 lbs with Austin Holistic Fitness and my nieces and friends ask me all the time what diet I am on. It isn’t a diet is a lifestyle that I’ve learned from AHF programs." 

Kristina Walter

"With Jeremy's guidance, I was able to get back on track with energy and no more arthritis problems. I did lose some weight but it wasn't just the weight loss it was a lifestyle change"