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Mercedes R.

I highly recommend Jeremy and Austin Holistic Fitness! His kindness, honesty and the program he has built gave me the kick I needed to focus on myself and my lifestyle. The time leading up to meeting Jeremy included years of gaining weight, yo-yo dieting, and just focusing on everyone else - my husband, kids, work, house ect. - but myself.

I realized I need to make real changes when I hit middle age and started getting "that talk" from the doctor. To make issues worse I threw out my back and I found myself stuck on the floor unable to get up.

For me that was the wake up call. I've always thought of myself as relatively young, I have young children somewhat healthy, but my back issue shattered my self image. I sought out Jeremey after an intense online search and found the program really spoke to me. From the onset I wanted real, long lasting change, everything his website proclaimed - I wanted. Our first meeting only solidified my decision and so I started on my 8 week program. The first week was no joke hard, but after those first 3 days, I felt amazing which gave me the motivation to push through.

The key to this program is that food comes back with a purpose. For me I've always struggled with portion control, and the outcome that I love the most is that I now can eyeball food and know what I should and should not eat, the right portion size and how I should feel post a meal. I have better understanding of how to make food work for me, and still enjoy what I like to eat. Although now post 8 weeks I did not lose the 20 LBS that I read about, BUT I did lose enough - the most I ever lost in 10 years in only 8 weeks - to know that this was the right decision. Side note, an unplanned outcome is that my entire family is eating better and healthier - more veggies all around!

I'm still on my journey, currently focusing on exercise portion of the fitness part. I knew from the start that the eight weeks was only the beginning. I still have more work to do and more things to learn from Jeremy. The 8-week program was the start that gave me the space to focus on what I needed.

Josh F.

"Jeremy's program is legit. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change that, with a little patience, will pay unbelievable dividends that you never thought possible. Thank you, Jeremy, for being so easy to work with and for changing my life."

Pat G.

When you've made up your mind to get fit, call Jeremy. In his 8 week program you will receive all the guidance and support you need to begin your transformation. Listen up, his program works and I'm living proof. In 19 weeks, I've lost 29 lbs and I feel great!

Paul C.

This is the first time I've ever worked with a nutritionist, and man am I glad I took the leap. Jeremy has also given me great help on exercise, mobility, and recovery. As happy as I am with the results from the past six weeks, I'm even more excited about the next six months and beyond.

Janie S.

Jeremy is a great coach who educates the whole person on their nutrition, fitness, and your headspace. Trust in his process--it does work. I struggle with communication sometimes, but Jeremy is truly 100% there for you when you're feeling like you're going to derail your own progress. He is honest and understanding throughout your journey. If you're looking for someone who will give you tools for a better lifestyle, look no further!

Lisa L.

Jeremy's plan is not a "diet", it's truly a way of life. He helps you become more mindful and thoughtful about the choices you make when it comes to food. He is constantly checking in and you never feel alone in the journey. It has been well over the 8 weeks and I am still going strong. 

Kenneth A.

I'm lucky to have met Jeremy Robinson at Austin Holistic Fitness. I came in with a hurt back from work on Tue, he modified my workout to strengthen my back and core, and made me set up a massage which I have never had.
Jeremy has taught me how to properly stretch out before I go to work (Which is mostly physical labor), and how to take care of my back after working all day. I feel great, I look Great, and I stay motivated thanks to Jeremy at Austin Holistic Fitness.

Stuart B.

Austin Holistic Fitness is wonderful. I mainly was interested in weight loss with some fitness thrown in for good measure. I was already fairly active, but wanted to get a handle on losing some weight.
The journey that I began with my sessions is a life changing course. I have made dramatic changes in my fitness level, weight, clothes. I had a goal of getting down to 180 lbs (from 200 lbs).  I have dramatically revised this downward.  With the guidance from AHF, I have some fitness guides to use for the rest of my life -  which now should be longer than before I started coming here.
Also, my total cholesterol went from over 220 (always had been over 200) down to 139 - ymmv..

Gloria G.

This was my first Health Coaching session Jeremy. During this session, I learned a lot about my body and being able to read what it is telling me. We did a cupping session as well, which gave me a lot of knowledge about myself and body and where it is and what I need to focus on. He has a holistic approach on living your best life for your self. I look forward to going back and eventually enrolling in his 8 week program. He is a professional in his field and will make you feel at ease no matter what your personal goals are for your best self thru fitness.

Carlos C.

I cannot say enough about Jeremy and Austin Holistic Fitness. This is not a crash system that will lead to inevitable yo-yoing, but a deep seeded approach that privileges learning about your body and developing good, lifelong habits. By the end of the program, you will not only be looking and feeling great, but actually be craving healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle ... way beyond a simple diet and exercise program, you practically become a health and nutrition expert yourself. Just awesome!!!

Indigo C.

We flew my closest friend from Ohio to Austin for the sole purpose of working with Jeremy. I have known her 26 years and I would not trust her in the hands of just anyone. She suffers severe chronic pain from an old shoulder injury and what I assumed was severe scoliosis and leg length differential.  At Jeremy's initial assessment at the beginning of her first two hour session, I remember being shocked when seeing and feeling her back for the first time...her right shoulder was protruding and lowered. .

Denise W.

Working with Jeremy Robinson at Austin Holistic Fitness was one of the best decisions I have made.  Coming off two knee surgeries, I needed to get back in shape and increase mobility and strength in my knee and hip.  Jeremy's holistic approach (fitness and clean eating) worked for me.  In 2.5 months I lost 12 lbs, 5% body fat and increase muscle 2%.  I highly recommend Jeremy for his knowledge and focus.  He treats everyone and their issues individually.  No cookie cutter trainer here!.

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